Letters of an ancient Germanic alphabet with mysterious or magic significance. 


With this Pattern Series, we will discover each letter from the elder futhark and learn about their meaning and magical significance. 


Eihwaz is the 13th Rune of the Elder Futhark. It’s often associated with the Death Card in Tarot. It is a rune of transformation.  Meaning letting go and stripping away of old constructs and beliefs, of that is worn out and diseased or weak so that strong, new growth may occur.


Fehu is the first letter of the Elder Futhark and can be translated with wealth – particularly “moveable” wealth. A broader meaning concerns prosperity and abundance in general, which includes non-monetary forms of well-being like good health, love, social success and a joyful approach to life. 


The second letter of the Elder Futhark symbolizes the aurochs – the wild, fierce European ox of centuries past, which was admired for its raw strength, energy and power. If you are facing challenges, Uruz is a reminder that you have the strength to persist.


The third letter of the elder futhark, serves as talisman if you are going into a challenging or potentially dangerous situation and surrounds you with protective energy. Oftentimes carrying a THURISAZ talisman is enough to keep potential attackers from trying and thus you avoid the negative situation altogether. 


Ansuz is the rune of communication in all its forms. Messages may be coming from external sources or from your higher self and refers also to knowledge, reason and wisdom and hints at the potential for prophecies and revelations. 

It may also be hinting to a possibility of new isights and spiritual growth, which may come with signs from the universe. Be extra receptive for signals like numerical messages or animal sightings or other “coincidences”.